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Originally Posted by TipTasker View Post
Speaking of cat toys! I recently splurged and bought a new toy I found at the grocery toy. You know how cats love to chase your feet under the covers? Well this toy brings it to life! It has a stick with a ball and string at the end (bonus!!) and it is attached to a revolving center which is all under a plastic tarp (double bonus = crinkling sounds!!). When you turn it on, the center piece revolves erratically making noises against the plastic and small movements the cat can chase over the tarp. It makes the perfect babysitter if I'm going to be out late and will be too tired to play when I get home. He's already pooped out!
I can attest to that! We purchased just such an item for our five-year-old neutered male domestic shorthair for Christmas and turned it on for him today. He chased that little "mouse" around for two solid hours! At one point, he'd even dragged the toy up against our love seat to help "trap" the mouse! (Ours even "squeaks" like a mouse when the tail brushes against the polyester cover.)
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