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Cool Stops food from sticking...and chairs from squeaking!

That can of non-stick cooking spray doubles as a convenient spray lubricant, too. I recently purchased an old wooden swivel office chair at a fundraising yard sale. Fantastic shape, good shape for its age, and the price was right.

Except it S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D like a banshee when you swiveled it while seated in it. I tried oil bottles, petroleum jelly, grease, etc. to reach the dry ball bearings under the seat.

My wife ("Mrs. 'bro") was at her wit's end until when she suggested "why don't you try spraying it with cooking spray?" I sprayed a good quantity into the slot where the ball bearings hide, wiped off the excess, spun it around several times, sat down on it, and...

Silence. Blissful silence!

(You might try it also with your drum throne if it squeaks or squawks!)
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