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Exclamation Conservation Tips

In the days when soap operas really were sponsored by laundry soaps, people measured how clean their clothes got by the amount of suds produced during the wash cycle.

Today's automatic washers--both top-loaders and front-loaders--rely on low-sudsing detergent to achieve maximum cleaning without oversudsing. While this is true of the HE (high-effiency) brands in particular, even "conventional" detergents make less suds than their counterparts of even 20 years ago.

Some people think because there are little or no suds in the water, their clothes aren't getting really clean--and add more detergent. DON'T DO IT. Excessive detergent makes rinsing the clothes more difficult, and the powerful cleaners and enzymes in today's HE products may actually damage your clothes if too much is used.

You end up wasting water, detergent, clothes, and money!
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