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Cool When is a clearance price REALLY a clearance price?

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a low price. But sometimes something on a clearance rack in the supermarket may not always be a true clearance item. Most stores have special hang tags indicating a clearance item with a substantially lower price ("Was $2.97; NOW $1.46," for example). Other stores may also include "DISCONTINUED ITEM" as part of the product hang tag.

Occasionally, however, there may be a simple overstock of regular-priced items mixed in with the clearance stuff (mainly so the overstock will disappear). If there's a price tag in front of the item, check closely. If there's a second, lower price, cool. If there's not a second price figure, take a moment to check the similar product on the main shelf. It may simply be overstock cleverly disguised as a clearance item!

If you shop at a store with a self-service price checker, scan the item there, too!
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