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Lightbulb Be pushy with your purchases...use your calculator!

As someone who sees the cash register from both sides of the keyboard, few things irritate me more than someone who buys too many items, then has to return them because he or she overspent. While this is not a problem for non-perishable items or non-food items (laundry detergent, paper towels, etc.), grocers, for health and sanitation reasons, simply CANNOT return an unpurchased gallon of milk to the dairy case or a (possibly un)frozen TV dinner to the freezer.

In many cases, such unpurchased items end up sitting at the register, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for an entire eight-hour work shift. It would be like leaving the food items you purchased on the kitchen counter for several hours, then expecting them to be safe to eat when you finally pit them away. Such items have to be put into "claims"--in other words, they cannot be sold again and have to be disposed of.

That, my friends, costs the grocer, who loses money on the food items that cannot be sold...and to you, the shopper, who ends up paying for those lost items in higher prices.

If you have a calculator, USE IT. You'll save money in more ways than one!
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